About the Book

52 voices x 7 moments each = 365 days of Aha!

This book is about “Aha! Moments,” the real-life moments when something shifts… or sparks … or dings in a way that catches your attention, particularly experiences that seemed ordinary just a blink or two before.

52 people offer 7 personal experiences each (one for each day of a week), sharing with us what it means to be truly awake, bravely aware, or simply tuned into the exquisite details of living.

Brazenly, cunningly, with humor, or as a mere whisper – these writers bring us into their experience.

No preaching, no insisting, just a full year of short daily vignettes about the most real stuff of life — from 52 different (yet surprisingly connected) perspectives.

365 days of essays, poems, and notes, from 52 different authors, compiled carefully and reverently (and irreverently when warranted) by Roslyn A. Nelson and Starla J. King.

Ways to Use this Book:

  • A daily boost of insight and fresh perspective, or random pick-me-up as needed
  • Entertainment (oh the stories they tell, and poems they write)
  • Gifts, gifts, gifts (8″x8″ book with a gorgeous cover and solid, substantial feel. Coffee table book, anyone?)
  • Writing prompt (280 words, write your own Aha! moments. GO)
  • Conversation starter