Roslyn A. Nelson

Roslyn Nelson (aka “Ros”), author of Snow on Fire, lives near Lake Superior in a very small Wisconsin town where she is renovating a 100+ year old storefront for her graphic design (glacialdrift.com) and book design activities (littlebigbay.comand for life-in-general.

Mellen, Wisconsin is at the foothills of an ancient mountain range, now worn to gentle hills called the Penokee Range. Under attack by a mining company, protection of this pristine watershed has been an important focus in Ros’ life in recent years. From the top of the ridge, pure bone-chilling water bubbles to the surface from totally uncharted sources and flows into Lake Superior – into 10% of all the fresh surface water in the world. A proposed open pit taconite mine would have gutted the streams and forests of the Penokee Range, destroyed the priceless clean water, and polluted the area for the foreseeable future — but the earth advocacy efforts have paid off as the mining company has (at least for now) retreated.

Ros’ first book of poetry is Raving About Summer ~ Fussing About Winter and celebrates life in another small town: Bayfield, Wisconsin.

Snow on Fire is available on Amazon.com and other online book retailers worldwide.

Contact Ros at www.littlebigbay.com.

Starla J KingStarla J. King

Starla J. King, author of  WIDE AWAKE. EVERY DAY. Daily Inspiration for Conscious Living (the first book in the Wide Awake series), is a writing coach, creativity coach, and Founder/CEO of OutWrite Living, LLC.

Written words are her primary creative medium, with photographs a close second — both of which she uses to offer herself and others new experiences, new ideas, and new ways of seeing the normal and mundane as exquisite and miraculous.

Starla lives in Philadelphia, PA with her delightful wife and feline troublemakers.

Contact Starla at www.OutWriteLiving.com.